Field Trauma Med-Pack Training


Security Tactics Academy LLC has engineered the most comprehensive, realistic and easy to understand class, which will give you the knowledge, skill and tools to act under stress when presented with some of the most commonly occurring traumatic events.

The class includes a Field Trauma Med-Pack for each student, valued at $125.00.

This class is for anyone who may find themselves in any hostile environment, active shooter or terrorist event, natural disaster, such as a major weather event, earthquake, hunting/fishing accident, or even a vehicle accident. Any of these events can result in major trauma injuries, which may leave you or a loved one severely injured, and, unfortunately, several hours or even days away from professional medical treatment.

The EMT/First Responder will not enter a scene unless it is SAFE. If it is not, they will not even attempt to treat any casualty no matter how critical the wounds. These are precious minutes that could be the difference between you or a loved one returning home alive instead of dying from a traumatic injury when a simple tourniquet would have controlled the bleeding and saved a life.

This Class will Cover:

  • Using YOUR Individual Field Trauma Med-Pack

  • Basic Airway management

  • Shock recognition and treatment

  • Wound assessment and hemorrhage control

  • Use of hemostatic agents

  • Tourniquet application techniques (both commercial and improvised)

  • Treatment and management of gunshot wounds

  • Recognizing and treating pneumothorax

  • Recognizing and treating sucking chest wound

  • Treating Burns