Level 4 PPO Training


If you are ready to be paid more than the average security officer, want to work special events, backstage, bodyguard V.I.P.’s, and perform special protection details, then this is the class you are required to take.

This class is required by the state of Texas to allow you to work as a Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard/executive protection), which also allows you to work in plain-clothes and carry concealed while on duty. Many states will not allow security persons to do this, Texas does and this is the class to certify you. Our course is 15 hours.

This course was designed by DPS-RSD to give the average working security officer short exposure and a foundation to the bodyguard industry. To be a PPO, you will need lots of training and experience that far exceeds the State’s course.

Please take special note that if you took a bodyguard or executive protection course before in another state- Texas DPS will NOT recognize that training in order to give you a Texas PPO license, you will need to attend a program made by Texas DPS.DPS will require pro

NOTICE: The state of Texas considers it a criminal offense to perform security-related work without a license. If you or your employer avoid using the terminology “security” but carry out the duties as one (such as event staff, bouncer, courtesy officer, etc); this also includes bodyguard, executive protection, and church security. 

DPS will require proof of a Level 3 Commission training course in order to process your Level 4 PPO license. If you need the Level 3 Commission course also, please sign up for both.

Our course includes the MMPI which must be taken by ALL Level 4 PPO candiates.

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