Intoduction To Private Investigation Training


Introduction to Private Investigation at Security Tactics Academy is designed to provide the essential knowledge and procedures needed to operate successfully as a private investigator. It is both an instructional class for those individuals desiring a career as a private investigator and a resource course that can be an invaluable tool for later reference. The approach is a direct, concise style, which facilitates comprehension for those entering the field, making competent and professional performances possible in all areas of private investigation.

The purpose of this course is to fill the existing need for a comprehensive course developmenting skills necessary for professional investigative work.

One unique attribute of this class is its commitment to the practice of private investigation in the private business sector as well as the public sector. Another notable quality is its concern with both the portrayal of private investigation as a legitimate professional discipline and the subsequent denouncement of the  misconceptions of private investigators propagated by the popular media.

This class will enable the private investigator student to sharpen the skills he/she will use every day, such as, undercover activities, surveillance techniques, interview tactics, case preparation, and courtroom testimony. Even the most seasoned veterans understand the need to be on top of their game in order to provide clients with the best possible results. This class will help the student accomplish that understanding, and it will provide him/her with the basic skills, knowledge and required tools.


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