Level 2 Security Officer Training

Official Course: $35

This course is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety-Regulatory Services Division to anyone wishing to work in the private security industry. In accordance with Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupations Code and DPS-RSD rules, this course must be completed, in order to receive a Level 2 (unarmed) license.

The Level 2 course introduces you to the industry; will advise you on the laws and regulations you must follow and provides you with a solid foundation and starting point of what private security is all about. You will be given instruction, regulations, procedures, and operations of a security officer, report writing, and responding to emergencies, among other topics. Upon successful completion of the class, students will receive a certificate of completion.



  • DPS-RSD Regulations/Actions,Use of Force,  Arrest

  • Radio Procedures, Report Writing

  • Response to Emergencies, Applicable Penal Code Studies


  • Official State Exam

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Professional Certificate of Completion

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OCC §1702.3875. IMPERSONATING SECURITY OFFICER; OFFENSE A person commits an offense if the person: (1) impersonates a commissioned or non-commissioned security officer with the intent to induce another to submit to the person’s pretended authority or to rely on the person’s pretended acts of a security officer; or (2) knowingly purports to exercise any function that requires registration as a non-commissioned security officer or a security officer commission. (b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.