Job Placement Assistance

More training equals more opportunities to earn.

Job Placement Assistance at Security Tactics Academy is a resource given to students for the length of their career at no additional charge. Our friendly industry experts and instructors, help officers with the process of submitting applications and resumes to potential employers.

Students earning their certifications have access to top level companies to which they can apply.

Representatives from security providers frequent the Security Tactics Academy facility.

Our years of experience in the industry are your resource to obtain the best job for your lifestyle and goals.

Will I really get a Job?

There is a big demand for security officers and many companies provide qualified applicants with incentives and great benefits like competitive starting salaries, paid vacation, medical and dental insurance and more.

Create your own flexible work life by training for the best positions and being ready to take advantage of new opportunities

Level 3 and 4 posts require a valid certification card to be carried by the security officer. Be ready for great opportunities by having your certifications in hand.

Jobs become available and are filled rapidly. Don’t lose out because you haven’t earned that next level of certification.

Level 4 creates your greatest earning potential. With this certification, you will be ready to accept the highest earning positions, and sell yourself to companies as the highest level of security professional.

Is it worth it?

Although level 2 assignments may be worked when applicants are waiting on state processes, Level 3 and 4 require full certification and a license in hand before working a post. Much more money can be earned when individuals are certified in 3 and 4. If you want more control over who you work for, when you work, and how much you earn, then you must certify yourself in Level 3 and 4. We will train you, and help you navigate the confusing industry requirements, so that you can achieve your personal goals.